Drive-In FAQs

We are excited about the launch of the Rome Cinemas Drive-in theatre on Friday & Saturday nights.  Please read all of the info below to enjoy our throwback experience:
  1. Show us your online reservation or pay onsite when you pull up to the front stairwell at Rome Cinemas.  One of our friendly staff members will be there to assist as well as give you your concessions ticket.  

  2. We will have staff members outside to provide direction for Drive-in parking.  We will be offering movies inside as well so please follow their direction when you enter.  Please keep your group within your designated space and remember NO SMOKING OR VAPING IS ALLOWED in our parking area.  Guests that choose not to cooperate will forfeit their right to remain on the premises, and will be asked to leave.

  3. All Vans, SUVs, large trucks, big jeeps, blazers, station wagons and other large vehicles, including ALL hatchbacks will be asked to park in the back two rows.  Raised hatchbacks must be tied down to roof level.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Attendants & Security will assist with this.

  4. The SPEED LIMIT is 5 MPH.  Please observe this for the safety of everyone.

  5. Obscene Language will not be tolerated.

  6. Guns, alcohol, drugs, laser pointers, bicycles, skate boards or fireworks are not allowed at the drive-in.  Any person found in the possession of any of these items will be ejected with no refund.

  7. Tailgating is allowed up to one hour prior to the drive-in.  Please understand that no cooking, grilling or food preparation is allowed on the drive in property.

  8. Headlights, parking lights and all interior lights should remain off. Also no neon lighting. No Exceptions.

  9. Each vehicle is entitled to one parking space.  If you are sitting outside the vehicle, do not occupy another parking space and keep your distance from the patrons next to you.

  10. Show consideration for the guests parking around you.  DO NOT use loud voices, horns, radios (other than the movie playing radio), or any type of sounds loud enough to disturb other guests.  Also please be considerate of others view of the screen.

  11. No same re-admission after you leave. Patrons leaving the drive-in will be charged the full admission upon re-entry.

  12. Please walk to the concession stand and rest rooms inside our CINEMASAFE theatre.  Please remember that masks are required inside.  Please do not drive to concessions/restrooms unless you are handicapped.

  13. In the event of lightning or heavy winds we may have to delay the show or even cancel.  In the event of cancellation we would either issue rainchecks for a later date of the same film or a movie indoors.  No refunds will be issued.

  14. When sitting outside of your vehicle in chairs, please refrain from lying on the ground.  Use chairs to set up in front of your car.  

  15. When vehicles leave the drive-in please EXIT to the RIGHT of the screen. Before you move your vehicle be cautious of people surrounding your car, at all times when moving.

  16. This is a family atmosphere drive-in. If you are caught gathering in groups outside of your vehicle you will be asked to disperse or leave the premises.

  17. SEDANS ONLY on the first row.  All other vehicles will be directed to other rows for sight purposes.

  18. No one is allowed to watch the movie from the rooftop or hood of their vehicle.  This is a safety hazard and will not be allowed no matter where you are parked.



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